Sanctuary of Worship

"Come as a guest, Leave as family!"

Ernest & Arielle Randle

Ernest was born and raised in New Iberia, La while Arielle 

was born and raised in Rayne, LA.

Ernest and Arielle met while at The Penteostals of Lafayette 
and formed a great friendship that created a great relationship.

Working in ministry is nothing new for Ernest or Arielle because 
their upbringing in church has taught them to serve. Ernest spent
most of his life singing in the choir and Arielle has been involved
in Sunday school serving as a teacher.

Together, they both serve in youth ministry at SOW as the 
leaders of Evolve Youth Ministry. Their passion and dedication
to the ministry has allowed the youth department to flourish. 

In their free time, they love to write,
sing, and plan events for Evolve.

Ernest & Arielle have two children, Aden and Kalle.

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